martes, agosto 08, 2006

August 8th

NoFX - August 8th Lyrics

Birds sing there's not a cloud in the sky

Yeah, August 8th is a beautiful day

I see a bunch of hippies crying yeah

August 8th is a beautiful day

Like waking up from a real bad dream

Suddenly everything is ok

The storm has passed the sun is shining

Yeah August 8th is a beautiful day

What's goin on what's goin on

Is something bummin your scene?

There's something wrong,

There's something wrong I'm not trying to be mean

The air is sweet the summer flowers bloomin

nowhere in sight is anything gray

Feelings of joy are filling the street

yeah August 8th is beautiful day

Like waking up from a fucked up dream,

suddenly everything's looking good

There's been no permanent damage done

Yeah August 8th came right when it should

Poor Jeff, poor little Timmy turtle

Staying home on such a beautiful day


Anoche despues de doce fue una noche de charla... nose..
tubo lindo... fue lindo, es como hablar mas allá
puede sonar a una tontada, pero para mi no lo fue...
hoy.. es august 8th, y solo espero que alguien me pase a buscar
para escuchar ese tema y tomar una cerveza...

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yass tu primisss ^^ dijo...

hola soketisss...ay te re adoroooo...auuuummmkeee cuamdo te veooo me re sakasss!!!! pero weee...te kero mushooo =...^^

erezz um nenoteee shuperrr speciall...^^

te kierooo una bamdaaa...

y ta muy sarpado y original tu chotoblogggg...^^

mueno choteamosss cheee


your dijo...

phentermine nice :)